Hear the morning winds lifting over the island, and rise for an inspiring Mysore practice, followed by gentle sessions of pranayama, chanting, and guided meditation. As sunlight reaches across the lush grounds, nourish your body with organic juices and delectables, prepared lovingly by our own local Spanish chef. Recline by the pool and feel your body humming in delight, as you await another unforgettable brunch.  In the afternoons, absorb generous teachings on the Tantric underpinnings of Ashtanga, organized lovingly to illumine our theme.  Then take time to relax, reflect, and connect to our sublime surroundings, soaking up the surreal beauty of this hidden retreat on Mallorca.


Our lives unfold within a dream. And this dream, samsara, captures the whole of our experience. All that we see and touch is part of the dream, including our breath, our pulse, our skin. And as long as our awareness is held in these bodies, we have no chance of escaping it.  This is the premise of Indian soteriology, and it forms the backbone of many contemplative traditions. Most of these would have us recoil from the body, in the hope of drawing our consciousness beyond the dream, and touching something absolute. In Tantric thought, however, there is no point to transcendence, for there is nothing beyond the dream to touch. The dream contains the whole of reality, even as it distorts our perceptions of the whole.  And when we realize this, when we realize the dream as the ephemeral unfolding of reality, it becomes an object of endless celebration.

In this special retreat, we consider Ashtanga Vinyasa as an instrument for exploring the dream, in lucid wonder, with the full participation of the body. We use some techniques from the Hatha Yoga tradition to bring the practice alive—balancing internal patterns of sensation, following internal movements of breath, and softening ever more deeply into the forms themselves. Through these techniques, we settle our minds, open our senses, release our essentialist projections, and rediscover what Ashtanga Vinyasa was meant to be, a method of exploring the sublime nature of embodied experience.

To enhance our explorations, we study the Tantric symbology of the dream as the play of Devi, the symbolic embodiment of the sacred feminine—the effulgent, excessive and sublime principle of nature, which is said to overwhelm us, and dissolve the ego, whenever it overflows.  We learn to feel this power moving through our bodies, through our breath, nourishing and sustaining us at every moment.  And through these intimate encounters, we rediscover our bodies as emanations of the feminine, and our minds as open spaces through which Her dream unfolds.


This retreat will be held in a beautiful antique finca surrounded on all sides by the Tramuntana Mountains, (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011) creating an atmosphere of total quiet and seclusion.  The finca is nonetheless easy to reach, only 20 minutes by car from the International Airport of Palma (PMI) which receives direct flights from all over Europe throughout the summer months.  The finca has 11 spacious and fully appointed rooms, with a variety of different sleeping arrangements to insure your complete comfort.

The retreat will be orchestrated by Pilar de Miguel, the founder and director of Balearic Retreats.  As a Mallorca native, and devoted Ashtangi, Pilar has developed a reputation for organizing magical Ashtanga retreats in the Balearic Islands.  She will ensure that our retreat runs smoothly.  You can email her with questions about logistics, accommodations, registrations, or anything else.

Inquire: info@balearicretreats.com

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